"Stubborn Rose" Entered into NPR Tiny Desk Contest!

Well I just learned that a happiness headache is a thing! I was so excited uploading this video to YouTube to enter the NPR Tiny Desk Contest that it was just too much! We were supposed to record with legit audio and video in a studio, but that fell through. I had this idea in the back of my mind to record in the cherry blossoms, but of course acoustics, possible homeowner complaints and weather play significant issues. And we had to lug a desk half a mile to the cherry blossoms hoping not to get turned away by the police, but the show must go on!

And we lucked out! The weather was perfect, and the homeowner in front of whom we set up was so gracious and lovely. We drew an impromptu audience complete with chirping birds in the background. We could not have asked for a more lovely day, cherry blossoms or people.

Speaking of people, these ladies are awesome! I love playing with them. They have great energy, are into the music and bring their best every time. I couldn't ask for more! So thank you Carol Anne, Tiffany and Megan for your amazingness!

And let's remember Ethan Foote, who arranged my songs for strings. (My piano is missing from this video, because we didn't have power for the keyboard.) And special thanks to Steve Skemp for helping me last minute with the video.

If I've learned anything in life, it's important to surround yourself with awesome people, and I certainly have! We hope that you enjoy our Cherry Blossom Tiny Desk Entry of "Stubborn Rose!"