Two New Songs Coming Right Up!

Moving to the country has been so productive for my songwriting and creativity. This week, I wrote two songs that had been swirling in mind - one for over a year!

I am very excited about "Cloud 9," which is inspired by my visit to Cloud 9 Alpine Bistro in Aspen Highlands, Colorado. I've never had so much fun in my life! The music pumping; the champagne reflecting the sunlight; everyone dancing on this party before skiing down the Aspen Highland to the apres-ski. I'm a mountain girl for sure, and the memory of the mountains, snow, sunshine and champagne reverberates in my mind. I loved watching the snowboarders shred down the mountain, looking like surfers. Why aren't there ski or snowboard songs? There's surf music... I'm about to change that. I hope my song does justice to my favorite state and to the amazing sport of snowboarding!

The other song entitled "I Don't Like You" was inspired by an argument compounded by all of the dating negativity that I used to allow into my life. Let's just say that I had it, when I wrote this song. That said, I wanted to be light and playful about something we all experience sometimes - heartbreak! I think we've all been there and done that in dating. Moving on, but the music continues!

Anyway, country life suits me, and I'm very happy in Purcellville, VA, the cutest small town, where I see nature, horses and beautiful skies every day. Stay tuned for my new album Songs of Truth, which will be recorded early this fall!