REFLETS LUNAIRES - Un Nouveau Chanson

I think I found my sweet spot in music and life - writing songs in French musically inspired by my classical roots. I have been playing Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu and have always associated it with spring.

This spring, I moved to a lovely home surrounded by flowers, horses, birds and trees, and the chimes on the deck glitter in my ear. I started thinking of sparkles, bells, spirit, other dimensions and c-sharp minor... That lovely haunting key...

Anyway, I just dreamed this one up yesterday and thought I'd share my work in progress. Mind you - Ethan Foote is re-arranging my songs to incorporate strings for our nouveau alternative sound. Stay tuned, because Ethan's work is divine, and I can't wait to hear how all of this music shapes up.

That said, here is the blossoming REFLETS LUNAIRES by yours truly, Bergamot Rose.