What is Bergamot? Is it French?

People ask me this question all the time. I sing in French so much that now the expectation is that I do everything in French. :) Bergamot (pronounced Burr-ga-mott) is English for a beautiful fragrance note found in my favorite perfumes. It comes from a sour orange with fragrant notes that are sweet with a little bite.

In dreaming up the name Bergamot Rose, I was inspired by Baudelaire's poetry in that I wanted a name that evoked the senses. Softness contrasted with a tart edge. That's the essence of my music and me. I identify with the name so much that I even changed my last name to Bergamot-Rose.

This bergamot rose will be releasing more songs of truth in 2018. Along the way I will be encouraging all of my fellow roses out there to speak their truths with courage and love. The journey into the self is challenging but well worth it!

May 2018 be filled with happiness, abundance and love!

In truth and love,